Cut Above Yardworks provides the best in lawn care, leaf blowing, and snow removal services for all your year-round needs.

Lawn Care Includes:

  • Lawn mowed to a height of 2.5 – 3.0 inches.

  • All edges and obstacles will be trimmed up for that crisp clean look you deserve.

  • Lawn clippings mulched back into the lawn (unless otherwise specified).

  • Sidewalks, driveways, flowerbeds blown off.

  • Any unwanted items can be removed for an additional cost.

How It Works

  • Mowing visits set up for the same day each week.

  • Contact us to set up your custom services.

  • Quotes can be set using Google Maps or in person at site location.

  • Rainouts will be set up for the following week.

  • Invoices will be sent via email on the last day of every month, and can be paid by credit card or cash.

Lawn Care Pricing:

  • One time cut, trim and debris clean up starts at $75 per man hour.

  • Small yard: $40 per week

  • Medium yard: $50 per week

  • Large yard: $75 – $125 per week

Leaf Clean Up –
Yard and
Walks Blown Off

  • Small yard: $30

  • Medium yard: $40

  • Large: $60

Snow Removal

Winter’s hard enough, don’t get caught in the cold shoveling that wet, heavy, snow. Call us to do the heavy lifting for you. We offer great monthly rates and reliable, friendly service.

The sooner you call, the cleaner your walks will be. All snow will be cleared within 48 hours of the last snowfall.

Services Include: Snow blowing, shoveling, rock chip anti-slip, pet friendly ice melt if needed.

Snow Removal Pricing:

  • Sidewalks only: $180 per month

  • Sidewalks and 2-car garage: $280 per month

  • Corner lot and 2 car garages: $300 per month

Year-Round Residential Or Commercial Season For Your Home or Business